Las Vegas Strip Travel Guide – Top Casinos and Hotel Resorts

Are you planning a holiday in Vegas? Las Vegas has changed immensely during recent years and now offers attractions and activities for everyone. In this guide in no particular order we will present some of the city’s best hotels right on the strip.

The Bellagio

Our list begins with the Bellagio. This amazing resort will overwhelm you with its 1,200 fountains and that’s even before you have the chance to step inside this impressive complex. Inspired by a small Italian town with the same name on the shores of Lake Como, this resort offers 3015 rooms spread over 36 floors. This hotel is a favorite of friends of mine who run Performance Chiropractic. This is typically their go-to spot when they travel to Las Vegas. Other attractions in the resort include the gallery of Fine Arts and the Cirque du Soleil show.

The Venetian

Keeping with the Italian atmosphere, our next must visit Resort is the Venetian where you’ll step into St. Mark’s Square and the Grand Canal. It is also one of the biggest hotels in Las Vegas with 35 floors and no less than 4,027 luxury rooms. The resort offers a fantastic nightclub ranked second in the city, 19 restaurants, and a shopping mall. So what more could one ask for?

The Caesars Palace

Next on this list is yet another Italian inspired resort – the Caesars Palace which mixes some of Rome’s Flair with Hollywood’s extravaganza. This is probably the most famous resort in Vegas and its entertainment venue the Coliseum attracts the biggest shows in the area. The Caesars Palace offers two free shows – the fall of Atlantis and the fountain festivals. If you are passionate about poker this is probably the best place for a game or two and if you are looking to do some shopping then the renovated forum with its more than 160 high-end stores should be on your must visit list.

The Cosmopolitan

Moving to our next resort – with its 52 floors and 2995 rooms, the Cosmopolitan is one of the most modern hotels on the strip. It features 13 restaurants, 5 lounges including the famous chandelier bar decorated with 2 million lights, three pools, and one massive shopping mall. If you are staying at the hotel, you will also be happy to hear that most of the rooms offer a 6-foot deep terrace overlooking the amazing views of the strip.

The Mandalay Bay

Our next resort is the Mandalay Bay which offers its guests a private beach in the middle of Vegas. Mandalay Bay’s 3,200 rooms stretch over 43 floors in a wonderful unique Polynesian architecture. It also includes a shark aquarium and two separate boutique hotels – the Four Seasons and V Hotel.

The Circus Circus

Families traveling to Vegas will surely enjoy one of the veteran resorts on the strip -the Circus Circus which is all about family entertainment. Enjoy a free world-class circus act or spend time in the indoors at venture dome theme park – a fantastic activity on a hot day in Vegas. Also, you could play games in the huge Midway Arcade Hall and visit the Chuck Jones Experience.

The MGM Grand

Our next resort is actually a mega resort, the MGM Grand. When it opened, it was the biggest hotel in the world with 6,900 rooms and it features 171,500 square feet of casino space. Although it lost its world top ranking, it still is a massive Resort for families packed with 19 restaurants, four theaters including one that features the Cirque du Soleil cost show, three nightclubs, and family attractions such as the CSI experience.

The Wynn

Finally, visit the Wynn named after Steve Wynn – the person behind Las Vegas. This is one of the most luxurious and elegant resorts in the city and it come with a price tag. Opened in 2005, the resort contains 2,716 rooms stretching over 45 floors. The Wynn casino offers 110,000 square feet of gambling and it’s also home for several entertainment venues including the permanent show Lorraine which is considered to be one of the best shows in the city.